About Costume Teacher


My real name is Anna Collins-Walker.  For six years I was a well-loved 5th grade teacher at T. Clay Wood Elementary, in Bristow, VA.  Now I am teaching Drama at Haymarket Elementary, in Haymarket, VA.  My interests growing up were in theatre, drama and music.  I have enjoyed dressing up as storybook characters for my students for years.  Not only is it entertaining, but adding that little bit of magic helps to engage them and inspire them even more in their learning.  I have done more than 150 events in the area, including birthday parties, fundraisers, community events, video messages and family gatherings.  I love seeing the children's faces light up when I walk into the room!  Having Costume Teacher at your event takes out all of the stress of planning a party- I come with games, personalized color sheets, music and the expertise at guiding groups of children, so that you can enjoy time with your guests and watch your child have the best time with his/her favorite character. 

Bring your party to life with a live character!


Costume Teacher will come to your celebration and be the highlight of the day for your guests!  When you are planning a birthday party for your child (or any other type of celebration) you are always looking for that way to make the event different, unique and memorable.  What better way to do that than to have a real-life character come to visit!  Costume Teacher will make your child feel extra special by playing games, reading stories, taking pictures and singing along with your guests.